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Environment and CO2

For TravelDesk®, environmental protection and awareness of the issue of renewable energies represent key elements in our company policy and research and development strategy. Through building trips in a sustainable way and carefully choosing every individual supplier, TravelDesk® has always shown a strong interest in environmental issues, paying particular attention to reducing carbon emissions.

The approach adopted in recent years, and which will continue in the future, goes beyond reducing environmental impact or using eco-friendly products. The even more ambitious aim of the approach is to achieve concrete results through a philosophy that repositions the role of the Company in relation to the actors with whom it interacts in Italy and around the world. As such, TravelDesk® recognises that Nature is a shared heritage and aims to encourage every individual to take responsibility for its protection, seeing environmental conservation not as an obstacle, but as a business opportunity.

Eco Passenger

A quarter of the greenhouse gases emitted worldwide comes from the transport sector, which is also the sector that has seen the highest growth in these emissions in recent decades.

The International Union of Railways (UIC) intends to play its part by raising awareness amongst transport users about the consequences of our everyday travel choices; supporting decision makers on how to facilitate sustainable choices; challenging existing methodologies by taking into account the whole energy chain and understanding energy life cycle costs.

Eco Passenger is an easy-to-use web application based on solid scientific methodology. This calculator, which is used to compare energy consumption, CO2 emissions and other atmospheric emissions of aircraft, cars and trains from passenger transportation, is powered by the most reliable and recent data available for all modes of transport. Eco Passenger was developed through collaboration between UIC, the Sustainable Development Foundation, ifeu (the German Institute for Energy and Environmental Research) and Hacon (software).

AfricaOn onlus

Join us in supporting the most vulnerable children in Africa

For several years, TravelDesk® has been supporting AfricaOn Onlus

Founded in 2006 by a group of people who had been working in Africa for many years, AfricaOn carries out projects in aid of the most vulnerable, abandoned and orphaned children, guaranteeing them a dignified childhood, the right to food, education, health and play, and the possibility of a future. Their goals are achieved mainly through long-distance adoptions and support for projects on the ground financed by donations, associations and charitable companies.

Through collaboration with local organisations that have been present in the area for years and are exclusively voluntary, we are able to allocate the maximum amount of funds raised to Africa whilst minimising management costs. We adopt a policy of maximum transparency, which is how we gain your trust. If you too would like to lend a helping hand, please visit the dedicated website.


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