Your Business Travel Partner

Travel Management

We are fully committed to meeting company needs. Our work entails offering impartial and client-focused advice and a transparent service that ensures complete safety, comfort and savings.

Optimising the processes involved in arranging staff travel delivers real savings in terms of time, and therefore on labour costs, as well as on the cost of travel tickets and accommodation. Unforeseen circumstances, delays and lack of planning always result in economic loss for the company. This is why entrusting travel management to professionals capable of taking swift action when a situation becomes complicated is always the most suitable solution.

Strategy, optimisation of the travel programme and business intelligence

Account Manager

The account manager is an experienced travel consultant. As a single point of contact, they support the client in managing the travel programme and in organising any other corporate event or incentive. Our account managers know how to strike the right balance between meeting the needs of the traveller, who requires a comfortable standard of travel, and those of the company, which aims to keep costs down without compromising brand image.

Travel Policy Development

Our business travel advice is based on decades of experience in the field. Our specialist and managerial expertise enables us to guide companies in choosing the most suitable strategies for managing and optimising staff travel arrangements. Our experienced account managers analyse your situation and needs and help you develop or optimise your business travel policy taking multiple factors into account.

Self Booking Tool

The Matitone Travel self-booking tool is used for managing bookings and reporting travel accounts and expenses at once. The system lets you book travel and accommodation whilst integrating several variables.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence platform provides customisable statistical reports to make your trips more efficient whilst keeping the business spend in sight. By connecting to the platform the client can gain an overall picture of their situation.

Users can access all their company data which can be extracted and displayed according to different criteria. The data analysis allows the user to monitor the performance of a given activity in order to make improvements as well as expenditure and planning forecasts.